Vision correction that goes beyond the ordinary
Standard lenses don’t suit everyone’s specific vision needs. Children’s eyes, for example, are still developing and need to be nurtured. In addition, children are typically highly active, so as a parent you want to be sure your little one’s lenses are strong and safe. Sports enthusiasts, meanwhile, require wide, unobstructed viewing fields and extra protection for that competitive edge. Hoya’s special lenses take into account the full spectrum of requirements for these groups, offering individually tailored solutions.

Special lenses for specific needs
Hoya has developed a complete package of lens materials, designs and treatments that ensure sharp, relaxed vision even in the most challenging circumstances. Hoya’s special lenses are lightweight, impact resistant and provide superb levels of protection from UV rays and other environmental factors. You can choose from:

  • Sports Lenses: A must-have for all active wearers who are eager to protect their eyes and enhance their performance – and look great doing it
  • Children’s Lenses: Thin, comfortable and virtually unbreakable, offering young eyes a clear, carefree view of the world. Lens designs can be adapted to fit small frames