Thin lenses with high optical performance
Do you find scratches on your lenses irritating? Most spectacle wearers find scratch-resistance important for their lenses. Aside from scratches on your lenses, are you also bothered about your lens thickness and how you look with them?

Most people place a lot of focus on choosing their spectacles frames and neglect their lenses. However, your lenses play an important role in your visual comfort.

Hoya’s Nulux offers wearers a range of single vision lens which provides optimised visual performance and a natural image perception. Many wearers are also looking for thinner and durable lenses. Hence, Hoya designed flatter lenses that are easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant and able to withstand the test of time.

The following products are in the Hoya Nulux range:

  • Nulux V+: Sharp and unrestricted vision in all directions with a natural and clear visual field customised based on every position of wear
  • Nulux EP: Cosmetically thin lens design with superior viewing experience
  • Nulux TF: Thin lenses that offers wider vision on the periphery and image appears natural
  • Nulux Classic: Offers good vision for low to mid power prescriptions

Nulux is the perfect solution for:

  • Wearers looking for optimised visual performance
  • Thinner and lighter lenses
  • A scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean pair of lenses