Created for an ever-changing world
In today’s society, there is an increased pace of life and people are always on the move. Many of us are also constantly multi-tasking, and trying to achieve more in a shorter span of time. Hence, there is a need to change our visual focus from far to near and vice-versa as we switch from one task to another.

About Hoyalux Dynamic
Quality of vision plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. With rapidly changing environments, our progressive lenses need to evolve to adapt to this ever-changing world. Hoyalux Dynamic is designed to provide good quality vision for individuals who are always on the go and living a fast pace life.

There are 2 design variations available:

  • Dynamic Premium: Offers Dynamic Summit’s benefits and provides a wider field of view with the power optimiser technology
  • Dynamic Summit: Uses the EasyScan and QuicFocus technologies to reduce the unpleasant swim effect and provide a natural head posture

Hoyalux Dynamic is the perfect solution for:

  • People who live in a fast-paced environment and require versatile all-in-one lenses
  • Exceptional clarity in multi-tasking environments and under all conditions

You can also increase the durability of your lenses and enjoy better eye protection by adding on Hoya’s lens’ treatments and coatings.