Exceptional vision for superior performance
Do your eyes experience discomfort when using digital devices? If so, you are not alone. According to the Blue Light Exposure and Digital Eye Strain Report done by The Vision Council in 2017, 88.6% of presbyopes feel discomfort when working on their digital devices for more than two hours. Just like your shoes and outfits, spectacle lenses are designed for different functions and activities. Hence wearing the most suitable lens design for your activity will help to alleviate the visual discomfort.

Visual needs of different occupations vary depending on your working distance. Most of us are likely to spend more time on screens and activities which require focusing at near and intermediate work. Hoyalux WorkStyle is designed specially for such activities to provide users with wider visual fields where they can enjoy a clear
and relaxed vision.

  • WorkStyle V+ Space: Personalised indoor lens catered for different visual needs with wider near and intermediate visual fields compared to progressive lenses
  • WorkStyle V+ Screen: For distances up to 2 metres and suitable for desk work
  • WorkStyle V+ Close: For distances up to 1 metre and suitable for near work

Hoyalux WorkStyle is the perfect solution for:

  • Progressive wearers who have eyestrain and discomfort when they spend hours on near work
  • Wearers who require near visual correction only
  • Reading glasses wearers who have blurred distance vision

You can also increase the durability of your lenses and enjoy better eye protection by adding on Hoya lens’ treatments and coatings.