Our exceptionally strong organic lens material
Hoya’s products enables you to live your lives to the fullest. For those with an active lifestyle, PNX 1.53 is the robust and impact-resistant lens material of choice. Ideal for sports enthusiasts, children and youngsters, or just the young at heart.

Key features
PNX is particularly suitable for wearers who demand a little more from their lenses. Elastic and exceptionally strong, this organic lens material can withstand the impact of a 1kg steel ball dropped from a height of 1.20m. Designed for everyday use, PNX 1.53 offers safety and peace of mind even in unpredictable situations. A premium-quality lens material, PNX 1.53 offers:

  • Strength: Meets demanding standards for drilled or groove-mounted frames
  • Reliability: Heat resistant up to 90°C for easy processing, including tinting and coating
  • Resistance to breakage: Robust and safe

Key benefits
With Hoya’s premium PNX 1.53 lens material, you will benefit from:

  • Optimal protection for the eyes
  • Optical purity
  • Protection from UV rays