Our premium organic lens material
Eyas 1.60 is Hoya’s most successful premium lens material and a best-seller for more than 15 years. The success of Eyas 1.60 lies in its reliability, optical clarity and exceptional comfort.

Key features
With a refractive index of 1.60, Eyas is especially suitable for wearers with a moderate to high prescription. A premium-quality lens material, Eyas 1.60 offers:

  • Clarity: A leader in optical purity in its class
  • Reliability: Heat resistance up to 110°C for easy processing, including tinting and coating
  • Strength: Meets demanding standards for drilled or groove-mounted frames

Key benefits
Eyas 1.60 lens material combines optical performance and aesthetics. You will benefit from:

  • Thin, lightweight lenses that are extremely comfortable to wear
  • Aesthetically appealing lenses ideal for rimless and nylor frames