100% UV light protection
Do you feel great on a sunny day? There’s a good reason: ultraviolet or UV light transmitted by the sun is a source of essential vitamin D. It also has a powerful effect on the production of endorphins, your brain’s ‘feel-good’ chemicals. But UV can also be harmful and has been linked to cataracts and other eye disorders and diseases. Children, seniors and those who spend a lot of time outdoors are particularly vulnerable. Hoya’s UV Control is a unique coating that provides complete UV light protection at all ages and in all situations.

Although many people are aware of the damage caused by direct exposure to UV, the dangers of indirect exposure are less well known. UV Control is applied to the back of your lenses to prevent indirect or reflected UV rays from reaching your eyes. This innovative approach guarantees 100% UV light protection.

Available with Hi-Vision LongLife, the hardest and most durable anti-reflective coating available on the market, UV Control:

  • Helps prevent UV aging and damaging the eyes
  • Helps protect against UV-related eye disorders and diseases
  • Provides constant UV light protection