Protection, performance and scratch resistance
Do you know that UV rays from the sun can damage your eyes or that blue light from mobile devices and TV screens can cause eye strain? Scratches and stains on your lenses may also impair your vision. Hoya’s anti-reflective coatings with superb scratch resistance are designed to keep your vision healthy and clear.

Coatings to enhance any lens
Hoya’s award-winning, anti-reflective coatings guarantee performance and protection throughout the day. Whether you are looking for the comfort of reduced glare and reflection, the convenience of scratch resistance or a combination of options unique to you, Hoya offers reliability, functionality and an enhanced wearing experience for any lens.

  • Hi-Vision LongLife: The hardest and most durable anti-reflective coating in the market today. It offers long-lasting water, dirt and dust repellence, glare reduction and scratch resistance, and makes your lenses easy to clean
  • BlueControl: Reduces the blue light emitted by digital devices
  • UV Control: 100% protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light

Lens Treatments for Better Eye Protection

  • Tinted Lenses: A wide range of colour lenses for better performance and protection
  • Photochromic Lenses: Offers the convenience of moving from an indoor to outdoor environment with the same pair of spectacles