Corrective lenses for you
Your eyes are your window to the world. Up to 80% of the impressions of your surroundings are provided by your eyes, so the importance of clear vision cannot be underestimated. What’s more, the corrective lenses you choose influence not only your vision but also your appearance, comfort and safety. Incorporating the latest medical insights and cutting-edge technologies, Hoya’s range of corrective lenses, treatments and materials are tailored to your individual optical needs.

The Hoya difference
Hoya never stops innovating. By continuously investing in research and development, with the interest of you, the wearer, at the core of the design process, Hoya’s corrective lenses excel in three key areas:

  • Hoya lenses: Provide clear, sharp vision in all directions and at all distances
  • Hoya treatments: Durable, high-performance coatings for longer, better wear
  • Hoya materials: Offer the perfect mix of comfort, style and strength