The best glasses for your face
Alongside your visual and lifestyle needs, one of the most important aspects of choosing your frame is how it looks on you. Determining your face shape and understanding which frame and colour suit you best will help you make the right choice – and save you a lot of time in the store.

The perfect fit
There are four main factors to consider when choosing the right frame. These are:

  • Contrast: When it comes to shape, remember that opposites attract. The shape of your frame should contrast the shape of your face. For example, if you have rounder features, more angular glasses will suit you better.
  • Proportion: Your frames should be in proportion with your face. Sunglasses, however are preferred to be bigger for better protection.
  • Colour: It is advisable to choose a colour which flatters your features, for example black, which defines your eyes if you have a fair complexion. If you prefer your glasses to stand out, choose a colour that contrasts the natural colour of your skin and hair.
  • Face shape: The shape of your face will help you to choose your frame. Not sure of your face shape? Click on your face shape below and folllow the tips to find flattening eyewear that will make you look great.

Diamond-shaped faces have a pointy chin, wide cheekbones and a broad forehead. This face shape looks great with quirky, retro frames and frames that balance the jawline.

  • Coloured frames and arms with strong details will soften the lower portion of your face
  • Cat-eye frames in classic tortoise or black will suit a feminine diamond-shaped face
  • Wrap around frames are good at balancing a diamond face. A great masculine option
  • Rectangular frames will balance a pointy chin

Round faces are as long as they are wide, with a curved chin and cheeks. The best frames for this face shape are ones that are angular and slimming.

  • Avoid round frames and go for a more angular shape instead. Square or rectangular glasses will suit you perfectly
  • Choose a frame that is wider than your face. This will give your silhouette that little bit more definition
  • Embellished arms will also accent the frame and define your features
  • For men, dark colours will define your outline while keeping a masculine feel
  • The wayfarer style is ideal and suitable for both men and women

Like round faces, square faces are equal in width and height. However, the features are more angular, with a broad chin and strong jawline. A more rounded or aviator-shaped frame will look great on you.

  • If you have strong features, go for a larger, metal frame. More delicate features are better suited for small and medium-sized frames
  • Oval and round frames with a solid rim also look good on square faces
  • Stay away from heavy detail on the brow if you are looking to soften your face shape
  • Avoid too much detail on the outer edges and arms of frames to keep the look soft
  • For women, soften a strong jaw with a butterfly frame. This is oversized and ultra-feminine

Oval faces are longer than they are wide, with a rounded chin and high cheekbones. This face shape works well with most styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the latest looks.

  • Go for a medium to large wayfarer frame for a fashionable look that accentuates your features
  • A large frame will complement your features by accentuating and chiselling cheekbones
  • Detailed arms will emphasise your temples, adding definition to your face shape
  • If you prefer a more subtle design, metal framework will soften an angular frame
  • If you choose a square frame, make sure the arms do not sit too low on your face as this can overly elongate your features