Healthy eyesight for life
Our eyes play a crucial role in almost everything we do, yet most of us take our vision for granted. Understanding how your eyesight works and how your eyes change over time will help you keep your vision healthy for a lifetime.

A better view of your eyes
Learn more about your vision, the eye conditions and diseases for which you may be at risk, and how to choose the right lenses and frames for you.

  • Eye anatomy: Understand the main components that make up your eyes
  • How eyesight works: Find out how your eyes convert light into vision
  • Eyesight problems: Identify Common eyesight problems and how to identify them
  • Eye diseases: Learn about some of the common eye diseases and how to avoid or alleviate them
  • Eye conditions: Find out how your eyes are at risk to a number of environmental genetic and age-related factors
  • Protect your eyes: Prevent age-related eye conditions or diseases
  • Choose your frame:  Follow Hoya’s tips to select the best frames for your face
  • Choose your lenses: Pick the perfect lenses for you based on the design, material, treatment and colour that suit you
  • Care tips: Keep your lenses and frames in top condition for a longer period of time with Hoya’s easy care tips

Take care of your vision
Visit your optician regularly to have your eyes examined. In between examinations, if you notice a change in or are concerned about your eyesight, contact your nearest Hoya optician.