HOYA Introduces Superior and Durable Spectacle Lens Coating – HI-VISION LONGLIFE

29 Jun 2016
Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE, June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —  Ever wondered why you have blurry vision at times and have to squint even with your spectacles on? Water, grease, dust and other environmental elements are all liable to make lenses dirty. A single smudge on a lens is enough to reduce clarity, while more serious damage such as scratches can irreparably ruin lenses and distort vision. That is why it is important for your lenses to be protected against harmful elements. HOYA HI-VISION LONGLIFE coating offers strong protection for your lenses and independent tests have proven it to be the most scratch-resistant and easiest-to-clean coating available today

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The tests were conducted in August 2015 by NSL Analytical Services, using a system developed in cooperation with the Lens Advisory Board, an American organisation recognized by the Vision Council Technical Committee. The highly accurate tests, which stimulate real-life wearer experience, showed HI-VISION LONGLIFE to be:

  • Superbly scratch resistant: Up to 5 times more scratch-resistant than standard coatings
  • The easiest to clean: Preserves its dust-, dirt-, water- and grease-repellent properties even after long use and repeated cleaning
  • The most durable: Over 29% more durable than the second-most durable coating tested
  • Highly anti-reflective: Ensures a light transmission of almost 99% which offers a relaxed vision

In addition, HI-VISION LONGLIFE comes with BlueControl, which offers even better protection and comfort when used together:

  • BlueControl neutralises blue light emitted by digital screens. It prevents eyestrain and fatigue, reduces glare and improves contrast, offering more relaxed vision.

With HOYA’s award-winning HI-VISION LONGLIFE coating, spectacle-wearers can be confident that they will experience crystal clearvision with this superior product.


About HOYA

HOYA is a Japanese multinational med-tech company and leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech and healthcare products based on its advanced optics technologies. HOYA is active in two main business segments:

The Life Care segment and the Information Technology segment. The Life Care segment deals in health care related products such as eyeglass lenses and operates retail shops for contact lenses, as well as medical related products such as intraocular lenses for cataract surgery and medical endoscopes.

HOYA Group comprises of over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates and over 35,000 people worldwide.