Technology support
Clear, comfortable eyesight is important for an active lifestyle at all stages of life. But optimal vision goes beyond just an accurate prescription. Our services for opticians assist you through every step – from identifying your patients’ needs to the rapid delivery of individualised lenses.

  • Hoya Vision Simulator
    Hoya Vision Simulator is a real-life 3D simulation that takes into account the wearers’ prescription and wearing parameters. It is controlled by an application downloaded onto a smartphone that is placed into the headset.With HVS, your customers will be able to:

    • See a real-life 3D simulation of how their vision can be improved with different lens designs and treatments
    • Experience their lenses before they buy them, right in the store


  • HVC Viewer
    HVC Viewer is the first app with fully interactive augmented reality for the perfect, customer-oriented sales consultation and makes the visual effects of different lens options tangible and easier to understand.With HVC viewer, your customers will be able to:

    • Instantly see the difference in performance between different lenses in a ‘real life’ situation
    • Experience the differences in progressive, single vision, indoor, photochromic, polarised lenses, anti-reflection coatings and BlueControl treatment


For more information, please contact your local Hoya affiliate.