HOYA is a global med-tech company established in Tokyo, Japan, and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products based on its advanced optics technologies. Hoya Group comprises of over 100 subsidiaries/ affiliates and over 34,000 employees worldwide.

HOYA is active in two main business segments: The Life Care Segment deals in Health care related products such as ophthalmic lenses and operates retails shops for contact lenses, as well as medical related products such as intraocular lenses for cataract surgery and medical endoscopes.

The information technology segment handles electronic products such as mask blanks and photo masks for semiconductors and LCD panels, glass disks for HDDs and imaging related products such as optical lenses, lens modules and micro lenses for digital cameras.

Despite the diversity in its products, the passion for optical lenses remains the driving force behind Hoya’s activities. This same passion can still be sensed within Hoya Vision Care today.


Our products

Hoya has a wide range of top quality ophthalmic lenses,offering its customers the perfect solution for any type of visual correction or fashion trend. The portfolio ranges from a variety of single vision lens designs and indoor solutions, to entry level and individualised progressives, all available in different lens materials and with top quality treatments, such as photochromics, anti-reflection, polarized and tints.

Our milestones

  • Hoya is globally renowned for its stable, high performance anti-reflection coatings.

    In 1963, Hoya was the first to successfully apply an anti-reflective coating on mineral. Later application on plastic lenses was equally successful. Hoya’s scratch resistant coatings Super Hi-Vision and Hi-Vision LongLife both earned the iF Material Award, and the first also for the TOP Opta Award.

  • In 2001 Hoya developed iD FreeForm Design Technology for progressive lenses, creating a completely new lens definition.

    This technology was awarded with:
    - Good Design Award (2004, 2007)
    - Silmo d’Or (2004)

  • Nulux EP was the first single vision lens to use calculations based on visual acuity and eyeball rotation.

  • In 2010 Hoya won the prestigious Optical Product of the Year Award with Hoyalux iD MyStyle: An excellent example of taking personalisation to a new level.

  • Hoya’s ultra-thin lens material Eyvia 1.74, which won the iF Material Award 2011.

  • In 2014, iD Mystyle V+ won the England Optician Lens Product of the Year award. A remarkable achievement of HOYA patented technology of premium individualized progressive lenses.

Our services

  • Fast and accurate delivery
  • Patented HELP system (Hoya Edged Lens Program)
  • Mounting services
  • Professional customer service
  • A wide range of in store consultation, measurement and ordering tools, such as Hoyalog, MyStyle iDentifier, TrueView i, Hoya Eye Consultant Application is catered to support the dispensing of Hoya lenses.
  • Hoya’s Academy; the Education and Experience Centre for eye care professionals who wish to improve their refraction skills and knowledge of Hoya products, and how best to prescribe them.

Our environmental policy

Since 1996, Hoya has been working in accordance with the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certification for all Hoya labs ensures that Hoya Vision Care minimises the impact of its activities on people and the environment.


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