Global med-tech company
Founded as a specialty manufacturer of optical glass in 1941 in Japan, Hoya has grown to become a global supplier of innovative high-tech and medical products. It is active in the Information Technology and Life Care segments, providing indispensable products that improve people’s quality of life. These include eyeglass lenses, intraocular lenses and medical imaging devices. Hoya can also be found inside today’s most popular LCD television panels, computers, Blu-ray players and smartphones.

Leading lens manufacturer
The Life Care segment, in particular, has experienced significant growth in recent years. Hoya Vision Care, which falls under the Life Care segment, is a leading lens manufacturer. Its success is built on a passion for optical technology innovation and a genuine desire to contribute high-quality, value-added vision products to spectacle-wearers around the world.

In addition, it:

  • Is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide and has a physical presence in over 32 countries
  • Operates three major global RX labs, six global mass production plants, over 40 local prescription labs and over 85 local service centres
  • Operates from a network of 150 offices and subsidiaries that currently employs a multinational workforce of over 34,000 people